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MEGACHIPSEM Megachip Semicon Electronics Corp.

All Filipino TRADING and SERVICES Company since 2003
Focus on Trading Semiconductor & Electronic materials, Complete Industrial Repair Service, Web / Mobile Programming support, and Automation on Smart Factory IOT systems. Trading materials include Singulation blades, Diebond adhesives, Electronic conformal coatings, Wirebond capillaries, Capillary recycle, UV wafer/package tapes, Glass quartz, and Mold rubber cleaning sheets. Services include Industrial Repair on Machine Controller Boards, Chiller, Pumps, and Hydraulic. Customized programming via Web or Mobile apps and Automation Smart factory IOT systems. Owners have more 20yrs experience in Semiconductor Companies. Worked in IMI, Amkor Technology, ASM Singapore, and MIT Laser.

MICROCOAT - USA ( Die-attach Adhesives, Glob Top Coatings, Filling Materials, Conformal Coatings, Cyanoacrylate Adhesives )
ADT - Israel ( Wafer Saw, Wafer Dicing Blades, Package Singulation Blades, Saw Accessories )
KOSMA - Korea ( Wirebond Capillaries for Gold, PCC, Copper, Gold-PCC, and Silver wires )
AMC - Korea ( Wafer Tapes, DAF Tapes, Singulation Tapes, Back-grinding Tapes, Back-side Laminating Tapes )
XILI - Taiwan ( Capillary Refreshed Recycling )
AC&C - Korea ( Mold Rubber sheet Cleaner )
COMPASS - USA ( Glass Quartz )

Board Repair ( HMI, Motherboard, Servo Pack, Servo Driver, Stepper Motor Driver, Motor Inverter )
Other Repairs ( Chiller, Oven, Servo Motor, Spindle Motor )

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ANDON System
Recipe Management System
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