Honda CR250 Restoration - Part 9 - Top End Rebuild

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Its another long one I'm afraid so grab a beer, sit back, relax and enjoy half an hours worth of heart warming restoration.

So picking up from where I left off las week the barrel is on the bench and ready for stripping and for the explanation of the Honda Power Port system that I promised to include. everything except for the exhaust valve guides were removed from the head as removing the guides would do more harm than good so they were left in place.

Once bare the parts were flung into the parts washer for a thorough de-greasing before moving onto the the media blasting stage where all traces of burnt on carbon, rust, oxides and paint were removed from all the surfaces.

After blasting the parts that needed paint were all masked up placed in the spray booth and given a nice fresh coat of matt black and left to cure while I got on with sorting out all the other parts. the HPP mechanics are quite delicate and easily mixed up so the best method of cleaning those parts was to use the ultrasonic cleaner and for everything else the vapor blaster was used to restore the OEM luster to the parts.

Then once all that was done it was simply a case of reversing the process for assembly and of course fitting all new gaskets, seals and new piston kit along the way. And now that its all back together and sitting nicely back in the frame i can get on with sorting out the rest of the bike so i hope you'll join me next time for that.




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Honda CR250 Restoration - Part 9 - Top End Rebuild