8Ton 20KW Cooling Capacity Industrial Chiller for Cooling Your Laser machine and Laser Process

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Laser chiller is a water cooling system specially designed and manufactured for cooling laser machines like: industrial lasers, laser welding, and other laser processes. www.topchillers.com
Laser chiller is the main cooling equipment and the most important refrigeration device used in cooling laser temperature to insure high quality performance and long life of industrial lasers, medical lasers, military lasers and other laser systems.
TopChiller having been in laser chiller manufacturing for over 20 years,Laser chiller is one kind of the knock-out process chillers in TopChiller.
TopChiller providing a various of laser chillers with full range of cooling capacities and models including:laser cutting chillers, rack mounted chillers, laser welding chillers and other heat exchangers are completely self-contained devices, used to remove heat from laser heat-dissipating components.
Laser chillers are playing important roles during the process of modern laser industry.
Industrial laser technology requires precision automated processing for high speed and high accuracy cutting, perforating, welding, laboratory environment, and other specialized processes. 
Laser chillers manufactured from TopChiller are used to remove boring heat from your commercially available laser machines and avoid overheating of critical components in your industrial lasers and laser processes.
Although there are numerous heat-transfer fluids used as coolants for a wide variety of laser applications, including medical lasers, military lasers, and more. But water is by far the most common coolant used and if the laser chiller system is properly designed, a recirculating water system (Laser water chiller) provides an efficient, effective, and reliable means of cooling your high-power laser systems.
Each laser chiller made by TopChiller with a compact design and smart cooling system. Our laser chillers can precise control your laser machine temperature, the temperature stability can up to±0.1℃.
Since 1999,TopChiller has been a reliable supplier and manufacturer of laser chiller and laser cooling system for various of laser applications. TopChiller will build a standard laser chiller for your laser machine or, if needed, design to customer requirements for laser chiller cooling capacity,size, portability,operating conditions, thermal load, and laser chiller system footprint.
Besides the above standard laser chiller models, Topchiller is able to listen customer detailed laser chiller requirements, design the laser cooling system, place a large laser chiller cooling capability in a small package, and OEM to offer the laser chiller and laser cooling system in one attractive package.
Designed for the industrial applications with a long service life in mind, Our laser chillers are recommended for all types of laser machines and processes.
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